Dear Carolyn,

I want to thank you for your strength and calming spirit you showed in guiding our family through this wonderful, crazy at times and magical in the end journey! We could NOT have done this wedding without your help!  The last family member left yesterday and I'm finally able to sit down with my thoughts. I loved you the moment we met on the porch at the 10 day meeting. Thank you for taking such good care of us! We were so tired and frazzled at that point. I believe in angels and you were ours. Your beautiful smile told me every time I looked at you that everything was going to be ok. As a mother you want to take care of everything and everyone! Thanks for looking out for me! You saw the vision that Cate and Frankie wanted and you worked so hard to make everything happen! The last few weeks when we talk about the wedding your name comes up with nothing but praise and smiles! You, sweetheart were the person I prayed for! To hold our hand and remind us to breathe.

With Love,

-Catherine (Mother of the Bride)


Carolyn was absolutely amazing and made our wedding go so smoothly without a single problem. I want to go back and do my wedding again every single day because it was so perfect.

-Brittney (Bride)


For such a tiny thing, Carolyn can really hold her own and get the job done! She was amazing and she really has our respect.

-Gail (Mother of the Bride)


Carolyn was very attentive to our needs and requests. She went above and beyond to make my special day perfect!

-Kaitlyn (Bride)


My wedding was the first wedding Carolyn officially coordinated and she did a beautiful job! She assisted me with all the reservations, purchases and correspondence. She was so helpful and supportive as she kept things moving on schedule all the way through the planning process. She handled the on-site rehearsal and the rehearsal meal with such poise and grace. Then, finally, when the wedding day came, I felt calm and peaceful knowing that she was competent to attend to all of the details so I was free to simply enjoy the day. It was such a blessing to have her there by my side! I would highly recommend Carolyn Hart to any bride-to-be! She has proven herself to be a wonderful companion and guide through the entire wedding planning process.

-Elizabeth (Bride)

Thank you so much for coordinating our wedding. You were a pleasure to work with. Jacob and I had such a great time and it’s because our minds could be at rest the whole day! Thanks you!

-Amber (Bride)